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About student organizations

学生生活和领导力发展(SLLD)目前有40多个学生组织,以学术项目为重点领域, professions, hobbies, identities, and/or civic engagement opportunities. Each student organization must select a staff or faculty advisor, have at least eight (8) active members, 建立一个由民选官员组成的领导团队,包括总统, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

If students are interested in starting a new student organization, but don't have enough active members, they can start a Small Community. 小型社区包括六(6)名或更少的学生,他们有兴趣为凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录社区策划和实施一项活动或社会活动(如游戏之夜或基于身份的亲和力团体). 这可以让学生发展领导技能,并获得动力在一两个学期内建立一个注册的学生组织.

Students are encouraged to sign up on the Engage portal 凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录学生组织、活动和参与机会的信息. 凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录创建一个新的学生组织或寻找一个现有的学生组织或参与的问题可以通过电子邮件发送到SLLD的学生

Starting a new student organization

本科生和研究生可以根据学术计划成立一个新的学生组织, hobbies, interests, or topics at any point during the academic year. 学生组织必须对大都会州的所有成员开放,并为社区建设提供重要的空间.

To start a new student organization, participants must have a:

  1. written mission statement,
  2. a Metropolitan State faculty or staff advisor,
  3. 至少八名成员是注册过凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录至少三个学期的学生,
  4. a completed Student Organization Registration form on Engage,
  5. a completed Equal Opportunity Statement form on Engage, and
  6. create a Student Organization page on the Engage portal.

Once the request has been submitted, 所有学生组织的成员都必须向学生委员会提交他们的提案. During this presentation, 学生会将询问有关学生组织的问题,以更好地了解他们在凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录的目的. Once the Student Organization is recognized, they must request startup funding up to $1,000 to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC).

To contact Student Senate to be added to the agenda, email: or

To contact SAFAC, email: or