BONNIEBROOK: The scene is called "The Chase". Shot on location at the home of artist Rose O'Neal located just north of Branson, Missouri. Director Michael Johnson (back to camera) prepares the riders for the scene.
COPPER RUN: The first meeting of the group "Citizens League For Law & Order" that would eventually be called "Baldknobbers" consisted of 13 men from the area.
OZARK, MISSOURI COURTROOM: The trial of Al Layton.
THE GRAVESITE OF NATHANIAL KINNEY: This is where it started for Executivive Producer Michael Johnson and Associate Producer Curtis Copeland. Meeting for the first time , to talk about the potiential of the film project.
COPPER RUN: A card game that became deadly.
NIGHT FIRES: Bald Knobbers get ready for a raid.
BONNIEBROOK: "The Chase" the gunfight is on!
TANEY COUNTY BALD KNOBBERS: On a raid . Shot in Chadwick, Missouri area.